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How to Volunteer

We are all volunteers at the RotaCare Clinic: licensed MDs, ARNPs, RNs, pharmacists, registrars, social workers, board members, etc.

Thank you for your interest in joining us!

To Volunteer:
  1. Download Volunteer Application form (above) and Washington State WATCH Disclosure Consent Form.  Complete and sign both forms.

  2. Mail to RotaCare Volunteer, 12736 33rd Ave NE, Suite 200, Seattle WA 98125
  3. or fax to Lake City RotaCare (206) 417-9666
  4. Any questions may be directed to the clinic manager or to the medical director
  5. You will then be invited for a visit, and to sign a confidentiality agreement, to be followed by an orientation.
Physicians and ARNPs

Must be licensed to practice in Washington State, and must have at least one year of practice experience. They are asked to volunteer at least one Saturday a quarter, preferably once a month.

-For practitioners who are retired (volunteer only),

professional liability insurance is available at no cost through the Washington Healthcare Access Alliance (WHAA). Cost of medical license for volunteers is also covered.  CME must be up to date.

-There are usually two providers staffing each clinic. We consult regularly with each other regarding management of common and uncommon problems of walk-in adults. 

-We use a paper chart, we do not bill, we do not participate in any Federal programs, and we do not prescribe controlled substances.


Must be licensed. Volunteer hours with us count toward the  requirement needed to maintain the nursing license. Professionalliability insurance may be covered by WHAA.


Advise us on cost-effective meds, keep a small dispensary in order, help translate foreign medicines, and may help patientsobtain discounts from pharmaceutical companies.


Check patients in, and manage the front desk, should plan to volunteer over at least nine months. Several have gone on tomedical school or further medical training.


Help with technical support, publicity, fundraising, compiling data, and other areas. A volunteer social worker is needed to help clientele access insurance and other resources they may qualify for. We would welcome volunteers with experience in health care administration and non-profits to serve on our board, whichmeets every quarter.