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North Helpline:

12736 33rd Ave NE, Seattle WA 98125 (the landlord), help with rent, utilities, food, meals, clothing, emergency housing, mental health and substance abuse. Safe place forsexual minorities. (206) 367-3477.

(Other) Free Medical Care:

Puget Sound Christian Clinic - 2150 N. 122nd St., Seattle 98122. Call (206) 363-4105 (-1) for appointment for free care, especially for diabetes. Free mobile medical & dental care for homeless: King County Dental Van 

May apply at local hospitals for charity care, or apply at  community clinics for a sliding scale. For specialty care, may request referral (from us) to Project Access, but expect a long wait.

Lower Cost Dental Care:

- King County Public Health Dental Clinic - 12359 Lake City Way NE, Seattle (206) 205-8580. M-F 8am-5pm. Tiered flat fee for uninsured. Free if AppleCare

- Puget Sound Christian Clinic - Dental - 19820 Scribner Lake Rd, Lynnwood 98136, (206) 363-4105 (-1) MTThF 8:30am 4pm.  Cleaning, exams, extractions, crowns, & root canals.  Dental Care.

- Swedish Community Specialty Clinic - 801 Broadway, Heath Bldg #901, (206) 860-6656.  Associated with Project Access, thisspecialty dental service requires a referral from one of the clinics above, or another clinic listed on their website. 

- Union Gospel Mission - 318 2nd Ave Extension S., Seattle, 98104 (206) 621-7695

Planned Parenthood:

5020 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle 98105. (800) 769-0045. Annual exams, birth control, checks for sexually transmitted disease.

Sliding scale.

Eye Care:

(Ask for referral)

- Lions Club at Lake City Community Center - 12531 28th Ave NE. 9-Noon, T & Th. Call (206) 639-8813. Hearing and vision

screenings, glasses.


(Ask for referral)

Kenmore Chiropractic

See Also: "The Emerald City Resource Guide," by REALCHANGE (also online)